Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nicole C. Mullen

Recording artist and songwriter Nicole C. Mullen was one of twenty presenters and workshop leaders at Create 2015, a conference for those involved in the worship, media, drama, and writing ministries. Nicole sang her award-winning song "Redeemer" at the closing session of the conference. Watch the video by clicking here.
Watch an Interview with Dr. John Wagenveld, President of Multiplication Network Ministries, about the COGOP Partnership
Watch an Interview with Dr. John Wagenveld, President of Multiplication Network Ministries, about the COGOP Partnership
The Church of God of Prophecy has signed a "historic" partnership agreement with para-church organization Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). The agreement, which was signed on Friday, April 17, 2015, in the COGOP International Offices' archives, will promote church planting in more than 130 nations that the COGOP is ministering in.

Dr. John Wagenveld, founder and president of MNM, was on hand to sign the agreement, along with COGOP General Overseer Sam N. Clements and Bishop David Bryan, executive director of Leadership Development and Discipleship Ministries for the COGOP. Also in attendance were the Church's general presbyters, including Bishops David Browder, Tim Coalter, Clayton Endecott, Ben Feliz, Clayton Martin, Stephen Masilela, and Gabriel Vidal.

Watch video footage from the agreement signing.
Watch video footage from the agreement signing.
The COGOP has already formed partnerships in several areas of its international ministry, including Central America, South America, and Europe, the CIS, and the Middle East. Today marks the beginning of the partnership reaching globally into additional areas.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


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    We are excited to return to the Embassy Suites in Hoover, Alabama once again. The Convention will begin on Thursday evening on July 16th and will conclude on Sunday July 19th.
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    Our reduced Convention rate of $131 per night is only guaranteed for a short period. The regular room rate is $159 per night.
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State Convention 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Global Missions


Global Missions Month Video #1 (Week One)
Click on the video above to view the
Week One Global Missions Emphasis Month Video
The month of March is traditionally known throughout the Church of God of Prophecy as "World Mission Drive." It provides one of two annual opportunities in which to invest in Mission Giving in support of our national leaders and mission nations.

To support local church ministries in promoting this special opportunity, Global Missions Ministries has provided five brand, new promotional videos and bulletin inserts for download. To view these resources, visit www.cogop.org or click on the links to the right.
Resource Downloads
Week One Video
Week One Bulletin Insert

Week Two Video
Week Two Bulletin Insert

Week Three Video
Week Three Bulletin Insert

Week Four Video
Week Four Bulletin Insert

Week Five Video
Week Five Bulletin Insert
For more information about our ministries around the world, please see the February Issue of the
White Wing Messenger.

To download this issue, click here.

You may also visit www.globalcogop.org.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


CBL Takes SOPAS III to Cuba
The island nation of Cuba has not been left behind in the leadership development surge occurring throughout the global fellowship of the Church of God of Prophecy. Bishop Ramon Rodriguez, national overseer, hosted the CBL team of Dr. Elias Rodriguez and Bishop David Bryan, who taught SOPAS III to eighty-eight pastors and leaders from across Cuba. As is so often the case, the presence of the Holy Spirit permeated the teaching presentations and etched his lessons into the hearts of eager pastors, national leaders and fervent members of the church. Plans were discussed to follow this training with a special SOPAS intensive on preaching taught by Elias Rodriguez. For more information on when SOPAS might be in your area, check out the calendar.

Update from Ukraine

Global Missions Ministries Update From the Ukraine
In late October, Global Missions Ministries with the assistance of the Media Ministries of the International Offices began to make the church family aware of an urgent need in nation of Ukraine. There, over 700 church members and orphans had fled their homes to take refuge at our local church in Kiev.

The response from our church family was overwhelming, as over $100,000.00 was received for the effort.
Just this week, our National Overseer Bishop Vitalii Vozniuk writes of the ongoing relief efforts of the church, "We pray for you and thank you for helping Ukraine during these difficult days. Despite that military conflict in Ukraine receives a lot of attention, real life is much more violent than what is represented by the media. Hostilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions do not subside. Every day dozens of soldiers and civilians are killed, injured, or wounded. People live in fear. No one knows when it will be over. This leads to humanitarian disaster.

Because of the ongoing hostilities all businesses there don't function, pensioners don't receive pensions, and students don't study. Food prices have increased manifold. This inevitably leads to dramatic increase in crime rates.
Today in the area of the ATO food delivery capability is very limited as there are only seven corridors through which humanitarian supplies may be delivered.
So many people are in need of food. Therefore we organized mobile kitchen tents where people can get a hot meal. We have three such tents in Donetsk, two in Lugansk, and per one in Makiyevka, Krasnodon, Rubizhne, and Yenakievo.
Every day 2,000 people receive food. This is a great blessing for us. All these people hear the testimony of Jesus Christ. Also they are offered to repeat a prayer of repentance. As evidenced by the pastors no one refused to repent.
For 3 months we fed 150,000 people, all of them repeated the prayer of repentance. Food per person per day costs 12 HRN (70 cents). We also send clothes and toiletries, but there is still a great need for pharmaceuticals.
In the same time we are working with refugees. Since the beginning of hostilities we have helped 10,000 people from the area of ATO. At Christmas, each family received a heavy pack with food and sweets for children as a Christmas present.
We are so grateful to everyone for helping make that possible. Your gifts help to save souls today. May God reward you manifold."
Global Missions Ministries Coordinator, Cathy Payne said, "I have been joyfully overwhelmed by the loving prayer support and generosity of our church family world-wide in response to the need in Ukraine. We have heard from many local fellowships concerning their sacrifice in prayer and giving to assist our local church in Kiev."
While most responses have been from our network in North America and more specifically the United States, we have received communication and support from other nations, and especially those within the region of Europe, CIS, and the Middle East.
Brother Vitaly, our national bishop in Ukraine and the Pastor of our local church in Kiev, has expressed his gratitude to everyone for their love and support during this time and especially toward the support need for the orphanage work. He affirmed this response as an answer from God to their prayers in time of compelling need. He expressed his thanks to all for lending your helping hand during these difficult times for Ukraine!
Global Missions Ministries and the General Presbyter's Office of Europe, CIS, and the Middle East, add their gratitude for the responses toward this time of need. Thank you for your expressions of love, and for many, your great sacrifice to minister to our fellowship in the nation of Ukraine.